About Kelly

Born in Saskatoon, Kelly Salmon has lived in or near Saskatoon his entire life. A resident of Aberdeen, SK since 2006, he has enjoyed a quiet town life while working in Saskatoon only 27km away. For 24 years he has been involved in healthcare in some form, having worked as a special care aide and as a direct support worker for a vocational home near Aberdeen. He currently works at RUH as a porter in medical imaging.

His hobbies are many! He is an avid curler, sports fan, photographer and collector of sports memorabilia. He loves comic books, attending concerts and events, as well as being an avid movie goer. He loves to travel both locally and around the world, having seen the United States, Australia, Canada and recently Japan.

Since moving to Aberdeen, he has been proud to work at Farm in the Dell, a vocational home where people with challenges live and thrive in an agricultural setting. He also belongs to the Aberdeen Fire Department and volunteers with the Aberdeen Curling Club.


His philosophy has always been to embrace theĀ opportunities presented to him, and to get the most out of every moment of life. He has always felt fortunate to live out his dreamĀ and experience things most people can only dream of doing. Taking all of that into account, he’s recognized that many people are facing challenges, both physical and mental, that have created barriers in achieving their hopes and dreams.

Working with individuals dealing with this everyday has been immensely rewarding. Witnessing their successes has inspired him to want to see their dreams be realized. Whether it be seeing their favorite team in action, hearing their favorite artist sing or perform live, or even just enjoying a night out at the movies.