Local Sports Games

There are many opportunities for sports fans to see a local Saskatoon sporting event. Sporting event trips include transportation to and from the event, along with the requirement to purchase of an event ticket for the caregiver. Groups usually can have access to better rates depending on transportation needs. Our goal of each outing is to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

Rush Lacrosse

rush-sask-gnProfessional Lacrosse has taken over Saskatchewan! Sold out games, exciting play and a great atmosphere create a lacrosse lover in everyone. Our clients are assured a great time in a safe environment.



Saskatoon Blades Hockey

Saskatoon_Blades_LHockey is engrained in every Canadian’s DNA and the Saskatoon Blades have been a part of the local sport scene for over 50 years. We are able to assist clients in being a part of the action!




Husky Athletics

Saskatchewan_Huskies_Logo.svgWhether it’s Hockey, Soccer, Basketball or Volleyball, the Huskies host thrilling matches almost all year long! Let us take you to a game so we can cheer on our Dogs for the win!