Out of Town Events

concertsWant to hit the road? Options include Calgary Stampede, Klondike Days, out of town Concerts and more! Find out more.





Sports Trips


Take in some CFL football, NHL hockey or evening baseball south of the border! Find out more.




Local Sports Games

rush-sask-gnFancy some local sporting action? Luckily, Saskatoon has plenty! Husky Athletics, the Saskatoon Blades, and Saskatoon’s newest favorite game, Rush Lacrosse! Find out more.



Evening Excursions

moviesMovies, local concerts or an evening out on the town enjoying some of Saskatoon’s newest restaurant fare or some of the old classic joints. Find out more.




Daytime Adventures

campaign-wanuskewin1Hiking trips, light walking adventures, museums and local attractions are all apart of our daytime adventures. We’ll have you home before supper! Find out more.