Evening Excursions

Thursday Evening at the Movies


Respite Adventures loves the movies! Our movie outings including client pickup, movie companionship and safe return home. Client covers caregiver’s movie ticket and transportation costs. If there are a group of clients interested in attending together, the cost would decrease (based on transportation needs).

Local Concerts

local concert

Music heals the soul and recharges the batteries! Let us take you out to your favorite singer or band and enjoy a night of live entertainment. Event ticket, caregiver, spending money and transportation are all costs to consider. Supper beforehand can be added on as well. Contact me for more information.




Saskatoon Exhibition

swing (1)The Ex has been a part of Saskatoon summers for over 100 years. We’ll accompany you on rides, provide transportation to and from the grounds and make sure you experience all the Exhibition has to offer. Contact me for more information.



For other evening excursion opportunities, contact Kelly!